Molecular Structure Jewellery

Molecular structure jewelleryvodka molecule necklace

Our range of beautiful molecular structure jewellery featuring caffeine, chocolate, serotonin, vodka, wine and whisky. Perfect, unusual gift ideas.

All molecules will arrive presented on their own presentation gift card, detailing exactly what the molecule represents.

You can further personalise your jewellery with the addition of birthstone charms and handstamped initials if you choose.

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  • caffeine molecule necklace

    Caffeine Molecule Necklace

  • chocolate molecule necklace

    Chocolate Molecule Necklace

  • Serotonin Bracelet

  • serotonin molecule necklace

    Serotonin Molecule Necklace

  • vodka molecule necklace

    Vodka Molecule Necklace

  • whisky molecule necklace

    Whisky Molecule Necklace

  • wine molecule necklace

    Wine Molecule Necklace